Print Product Ordering Available on 7/16 and 20% Off Discount (US and CAN only)

Print Product Ordering

We are more than a little happy to announce that My Digital Studio print product ordering will be available this week. We will release a software update on Wednesday, July 16 at 12:00 PM noon (MT) that will turn the ordering functionality back on.

20% Off Discount

To show our appreciation for your patience through this difficult transition, we will be offering a 20% discount on all of our print products through the end of the month. After you have updated your software on Wednesday, July 16, you will be able to place orders for print products at the discounted price through the end of day on Thursday, July 31 at 11:50 PM (MT). You can see the discounted promotional pricing here (US/CAN).

We are still working through some details with our new print vendor regarding our Shaped Cards. We did not want to delay any longer, so we have decided to move forward without them for now. Once our Shaped Cards are available in the near future, we will offer them at a discounted price for a limited time as well.

Thank you again for your patience. As always, feel free to post any comments and questions here on

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Comment by Monika Davis yesterday

I had problems with World Traveler paper #1 and paper #2.  I think the others seemed ok but both of those had corruption errors which caused the upload to the print service to fail.

Comment by Elizabeth Rush yesterday

Yea, my order went through today!  I was worried because I had used the "World Traveler" download on one of my pages and I saw someone else mention that download had an issue but i think the issue is only with the dark brown paper, (FYI for Stampin' Up! when you add paper #2 from world traveler it totally messes things up, but if you choose a different page from the same download it seems fine)

I also added a new style journal!  Can't wait to get it all!!

Christie, when I first started to order I got an error message too, but I closed it and restarted it and it went through fine.  the error code was also 10001

I hope you can get it going today.

Comment by Christie Daugherty on Sunday

help! I cannot complete my order.

Comment by Christie Daugherty on Sunday

Comment by Jo Lana Szuta on Sunday

Has anyone received their printed books? How is the quality?

Comment by Monika Davis on Sunday

@Melissa Punt - I also have a book that I created last year and was trying to upload it again and it would freeze.  I did the same thing - checked in MDS for errors (not when sending to print) I also have errors on pages with the World Traveler papers.  I think the files in this download are bad.  I went into each page and replaced the papers (1 & 2) with a different paper and the error went away.  Now I will try to upload again.  I think they need to offer a correction to the World Traveler kit - mine was from 2012 - it's been so long ago not even sure that I could download it again plus it may have been before the big MDS change happened.

Comment by Juliana Bibas on Sunday

I keep getting the same connection time-out error when I try to print that I've been getting since the printers went offline too. I've checked to be certain I have the latest edition of MDS.  I need this order to stay current and I've already been waiting more than a month!

will try demo support...again.

Comment by Jo Lana Szuta on Sunday

Has anyone received their printed books? How is the quality?

Comment by Jennifer Sipula on Sunday

Still getting errors that say cannot connect to print service...check internet connection.  I will try to call demo support on Monday.  thank you.

Comment by Melissa Punt on Sunday

I can not export to jpegs either, just freezes at rendering page 1 on the 60 page project. So on my large 98 pg project I decided to check if there were any errors as well manually(on the right hand side 'check project tab') Guess what found one. pg 29 where it continues to freeze. This was a simple fix with a punch and it just completed uploading! So all the times I attempted to order and upload it does a scan 'checking for errors'....this pg 29 glich was not found and therefore not allowing me to get it completed....not sure if anyone else has this problem

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