MDS Updates

We recommend that you install the most up-to-date version of MDS in order to take advantage of any new features or upgrades.


Download 2.3.10 update for Windows

Download 2.3.10 update for Mac


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* Fixed a critical error that OSX Yosemite users were experiencing

* Fixed a firewall-related problem that some users were experiencing

* Fixed a problem with ordering certain photobooks
* Brought back ability to right-click on photobook page thumbnails to switch between bleed areas

* Turned back on print services
* Disabled Boardbook, Tag, and Hardcover Journal ordering options
* Added new Softcover and Spiral Bound Journal ordering options
* Temporarily removed Shaped Cards

* Removed some behind-the-scenes work that was causing problems for some users.

* Added 2014–2016 In Colors

* Color Palette is now organized vertically

* Added Facebook Cover custom project

* Print services are temporarily disabled while we transition to our new printer

* Bleed Areas are now specific to project types

* Fixed issues related to exporting pages with missing objects

* Added new Shaped Postcards

* Fixed issues related to objects that span pages

* Added options for user to create a customized toolbar (View>Customize Toolbar or right-click on the toolbar)

* Fixed issues related to objects that span pages

* Stamp images now render correctly after user changes the stamp image color and switches pages.
* Thumbnail images of stamps, embellishments, and photos with large aspect ratios now appear correctly.
* Color palettes no longer show marks around color swatches when hovered over.

* New colors added to the color palette
* Color palette arranged in color spectrum order
* Dynamic color palette arrangement allows user to drag color to right-most column
* Dynamic calendar in Design Center now has “Apply” button so that users can see changes with dialog box still open

* Copied text from external programs shows in MDS
* Photos/Page layers rendered properly when spanning pages
* Text changes for text attached to shape
* Set Photo as Background option does NOT show if more than one photo is selected
* Paper Rip option does NOT show if more than one object selected
* Attach to Shape option does NOT show as available when a photo (or page layer) and shape are selected

* Improved installer for the MDS Trial and MDS software to combat issues with computer antivirus and power settings.

* Improved stamp redrawing efficiency to eliminate a memory problem with high resolution images.
* Preview functions properly for high resolution, rotated stamp brush images.
* Recognizes changes to print settings for Epson printers with the EasyPrint interface.
* Improved stamp image coloring functionality on color reset for entire image.
* Properly calculates changes to project size between inches and pixels.  
* Adjustments to handle SVG stamp files such as border images.  
* Optimizations to the canvas rendering process.

* Automatic software updating
* Simplified top toolbar
* Metric measurements (millimeter and centimeter) options added to rulers
* Professional Print Services login: automatically detects user’s country with option to manually change
* Larger (1/8" more) bleed areas for swatchbooks, postcards, greeting cards, and trifold cards.
* Removal of multimedia features
* Default image import changed to All Image Types instead of JPEG images

* Recolor embellishment dialog box does not shift based on the canvas zoom level
* SVG stamp object reset error
* Various other minor bug fixes

* Added Quick Settings templates to the Print at home options. Now includes the ability to reuse the same page multiple times on a single sheet.

* Mac OS X – Fixed an issue with keyboard response in the Print At Home window.
* Fixed issues with existing Quick Settings templates so that pages are rotated correctly.

* Faster program performance
* Freeform brush layer: Easier to see paint area when it’s added to project
Photo pixilation warning: Ability to deselect warning from all projects
Photo box: Ability to deselect automatic crop dialog on all projects

* On-screen design and JPG image resolution properly match
* Additional blank page for barcode added to board book export
* Rip edge for Designer Series Paper layer and photo box working properly
* Drag and drop fixes
* Interactive album creation functions correctly

* Intuitive print from home: Print from home more easily
* Quick print templates: Print from home “quick print” templates for cards and tags
Enhanced thumbnails: Enjoy improved thumbnail images in the Resource Palette preview
Crop on export: Save a cropped portion of a project
Artwork organization: Customize artwork organization in the Design Center
Layers palette: Easily edit layers from the Resource Palette
Supply list: See a supply list for the entire project, broken out by page
Recolor embellishments, Designer Series Paper, and photos: Preview the recolor option before you change it
Manage custom groups: Rename or delete custom groups within the software
Batch photo effects: Apply photo effect on selected pages
Resolution preview: Right-click an object to preview in high resolution
Enhanced photo drag and drop: Crop dialog box automatically pops up after photo is inserted

Drop shadow on ripped paper or photos functions correctly
* Splatter function improved
* Output files and print products match images on screen in the software
* Grouped items span pages
* Make non-proportionate changes to objects
* Radius corner rounding lowered to five
* Thumbnail reordering fix
* Print Ordering improvements

Lower print prices on all print products
Crop punches: Show off part of the punch and hide the rest
Paper rip option: Create torn edges with Designer Series Paper, card stock, and photos
Import from other project: Toggle between projects to import elements onto current project
Multiple page view options: View your page with trimmed bleed areas (in addition to viewing in single pages and spreads) 

Can add a punch or stamp after searching when no category is selected
* Support double-click in punches dialog
* Mac OS X – Can rotate italicized text
* Splatter functions correctly
* Print products ordering improved
* Uploading projects from Shopping Cart to digital print service fixed - Naming mismatch fixed.

Punch Shape alignment: rotated punches align correctly
* Projects from original software open correctly in MDS 2
* Logo page automatically added to back of individual pages
* Greeting card professional print options show correct bleed area
* Selected objects can be moved or resized after switching between spread and single page design views
* Moving and resizing objects in the spread pages design view improved (There are still some knows issues with the spread pages design view that will be addressed in a future update)
* Board book cover labels correct in thumbnails
* Board book covers properly identified with the digital print service
* All punches appear with Global Searching
* When zoomed in at 200% or higher, objects on the canvas will move with the mouse and will  be nudged with arrow keys
* Resource Center: The 11x8.5 Photo Layout displaying correctly
* Shipping Address dialog properly validates the address information before allowing the user to click the "Proceed to Checkout" button
* Canvas Guides: Snap to guide feature functioning correctly
* Starter lines: After right clicking on any object on the canvas or a page in the pages list, the starter line options function correctly
* Drop shadows working properly with cropped stamps
* Grouped, and then flipped or mirrored objects will print correctly
* Users with Mac OS X 10.5 and earlier can print projects with professional print services
* Projects will upload correctly and completely to the Shopping Cart when ordering with the professional
* Windows - The Check for Updates function is functioning correctly

Splatter functionality displayed (naming mismatch fixed)
* Starter lines in freeform always active
* Designer Templates from New Project Options screen created with correct canvas size
* August print promotion pricing displayed when ordering
* JPGs and high res preview match canvas visual


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