Just wondering if anyone else has had a swatchbook printed.  I just recieved one that I had printed.  I'm going to give it to my son for Easter.  But there was a mixup in the order of the pages.  The back cover was printed on the back of the front cover, so it threw all my pages off by 1 page and now I have no back cover (well not the one I wanted).  I triple checked the order of the pages before I sent it to be printed and checked again when it was uploaded onto the printing website, and everything was correct in both places so I'm wondering if it's a clitch in the printers computer or if I'm missing something critical.  I seem to have 'fixed' it so that I can still give it to my son for Easter but I had to remove the rivet and attach it together with a ring so now it opens more like a book then the way it's designed.  

So has anyone else had trouble, or am I just missing a critical step?



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Hi Ruth

I just received my swatchbook today, and all my pages were in order. Sorry yours were not. Did you use "Preview Project" in the desired preview type of 'swatchbook'? The pages, when printed, are different then an ordinary book. Holly Linford's forum (here on SC) helped me with her ABC Swatchbook Tips: http://mydigitalstudio.net/profiles/blogs/project-52-swatchbook-tips

Do your pages look good?  I was disappointed in the quality of my pages on the swatchbook.

I have contacted SU about three issues that I noticed on mine: (1) There are white specks on several of my pages (2) The edges are not smooth making the white show through and (3) The cropped 'bleed area' on the finished project is slightly larger than the 'bleed area' in MDS.  I'll let you know what I find out.



Hi Diane,

I did preview in 'swatchbook' and also checked everything when it loaded into the online library, everything was correct then.  I have been meaning to call SU regarding my issue but just haven't had the time, or they're closed when I think of it :)


Overall the printed quality was good, I have no complaints about that, just the covers getting messed up. 


I would like to hear what SU says when you find out. 

Thanks a bunch!



Stampin' Up called me this morning, and they are in the process of having my order redone -- and will check the quality personally before mailing it on to me! They have not received any other calls regarding issues with the swatchbook, so maybe it was just mine. =)  I'm confident that my issues will be resolved.

I emailed SU about my issue Friday evening (since it was closed when I thought to call them too!), and got their phone call this morning (Monday). Great customer service!  I hope that you are able to get yours redone as well, so that the covers are correct for you!

-Diane =) 

Hi Diane,

I got a call from SU today too, they're reprinting mine too.  I agree with you SU has the best customer service and I'm so grateful they're going to reprint :)

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Ruth,

I received my replacement swatchbook today and was very pleased....no issues. I hope yours turned out successfully the second time around too! =)


Hi Diane,

I got mine Friday and it's perfect.  I couldn't be happier!  THANK YOU STAMPIN' UP!!!


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