I came up with this technique of adding stamps to punched images and I made a video tutorial for it. Check it out here: http://mydigitalstudio.net/video/adding-a-stamp-to-a-punch

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
Great video - thanks

Hi Erica, 

I'm very new to MDS (we only received it here less than a week ago!) but I tried your tip last night for filling a punch with a stamped image.  For the life of me I can't get it to work.  Do you know if this has something to do with the updated version of MDS?  I was wondering if changing the stamp files from PNG to SVG files might be the culprit?

I ended up filling the punch with DSP in the end but it would be rather nice to be able to do it with a stamp if I want to.  If I "stamp" all over the page, save that as a jpg in the DSP folder, would that work do you think?  Just a bit of a pain to have to do that as well!


You can still use a stamp and punch together - but the process is a bit different in the current version of MDS.

  1. Place your stamp on the canvas and click on it so that it is selected
  2. Choose crop from the menu in the design center (right side)
  3. Choose crop shape (menu across the bottom of the image)
  4. Choose the punch you want to use from the pop up menu box and click on apply
  5. Resize the punch to fit and click ok.
  6. Recolor the stamp if you want.

COOL huh?

Marti you are wonderful!!  Thank you so much for those instructions!  Did you figure that out yourself?  That is so much easier than the other way because we can use any stamp without having to save it somewhere first.  
Very very cool, thank you so much!

The ability to do this was added with the upgrade to MDS 2 and when the upgrade first came out, I looked at all the wonderful training videos and I keep up with the topics on the forum so I could learn more about it. When you have time, try some of the videos - you will find lots of amazing ones. Or just explore some of the buttons on your own - its fun!

Thanks yes I have been watching videos as much as I can.  We've only had the software a week and hubby has already complained about my priorites changing and cooking dinner being an afterthought... LOL

I did search for "how to fill a punch with a stamp" which is how I found this thread in the first place.  I guess there is a lot more information hidden in the videos!

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

know all about priorities changing! Better than Chocolate. You are so welcome!


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