I am getting this error message when I put a non Stampin Up image into MDS??  Any tips?


"AreWeThereYet DesignsbyJul Freebie.png" may be a corrupted image file.java.lang.NullPointerException

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I emailed my friend the link to this forum to see if that helped and IT WORKED!!!  thanks Connie!
It doesn't...sadly...I have tried that one.  =(  I don't know what to do.  I am scared to buy any kits now in fear I will get errors on them as well....grrrrrr  =)

Wow, Kimberly, I don't know what to say.  That is the response I received from DS months ago when I downloaded some non-SU digital items.  Here is the exact response I received:

Thank you for contacting us regarding My Digital Studio (MDS) and using other downloads.  I have included the instructions below for using non-MDS downloads in the software.  The only file types that are accepted are .jpg or .png.


There are two ways to use non-MDS images in the software.  First, in MDS, you can click on "Backgrounds" from the Design Center and then click on "Custom."  Then you can find the file you want to use, and that will set that file as your background. 
The next way is a little more complicated and requires care.  You will go to the following path, and then create a new folder as instructed.  (These instructions are for a PC, but if you are on a Mac it is similar).  My Computer > C:/ drive > Program Files > My Digital Studio > Components > Embellishments > Create new folder, and save the .jpg or .png images here.  Then they can be accessed in MDS by clicking on Embellishments.  Now, if you want to save papers or stamps, then you will go to Components > Background Papers > Designer Series Paper and create the new folder or Components > Stamps and create the new folder accordingly.  We do recommend that users of the My Digital Studio software take care when navigating in these folders as deleting or moving My Digital Studio objects, etc... can have impact the use of the software. 


If you have Vista, after you have saved your images in the folder you will want to re-open MDS by right-clicking and choosing Run as Administrator. 

Thanks for the response Connie....maybe the images I downloaded are bad...not sure.  Once I click past all the errors they are fine and I can use them with no problems, just have to work through the errors.

This is exactly what I did and it works!!  Thanks for posting these awesome instructions!

I was getting on to find the answer to that.  I'l have to try the Run as Administrator.  But, Kimberly, you can also keep the files outside of MDS, and use the Browse button.  Mine downloaded into Documents.  I renamed them so they were all grouped together. My .jpg under Backgrounds all saved and function just fine, its the .png that give the error message.  It's actually less trouble to search for each embellishment than to have to click that error message 90 times.  You can also have the embellishment file open where the pictures normally sit so you have them to look at.
I actually figured out how to go into the program and run as admin....right clicking wasn't working but when I went into the properties and clicked the right box it worked.  I am now a downloading fool LOL

do you have to run as administrator everytime or just the one?

Thanks for posting this.  I'm off to recopy all my files back into MDS :)

Nevermind. I figured it out.  You actually open the MDS program everytime as an administrator by right clicking on the shortcut and choosing Run As Administrator.  It works beautifully!  I'm so excited to be able to browse through all my papers and embellishments without opening separate sections of the program!


I went under properties and compatibility and ran as admin there and I don't have to do it again.  =)

Thank you!  That's much better than remembering to open is a special way each time. 


Thanks for this post...I was having the same problem with an error on all my non SU embellishments/paper that were .png. I right clicked on my MDS2 icon and did as you said above to run as administrator, opened the project that had those .png embellishments...NO ERRORS!! Thank you!


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