Ok, I'm about as un-computer-savvy as they come, but I follow directions well!  We just got back from a trip to St. John and I've always loved Leah's Nova Scotia page with the pictures in the title.  Problem is, I don't like to "piece together" the letters around the pictures like she did.  I wanted this look for a title page for my vacation album and was really excited about the new letter punches this week.  Then I started playing and realized I NEEDED capital and "fatter" letters.  Long story short, I did a google search to see if I could change a stamp (png file) into a punch (svg file)... and we can!  I used the Letters stamp set in MDS and copied a file of each letter I needed to my desktop.  Then I followed the awesome directions on this blog: http://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/convert-a-png-to-a...

At the end, instead of importing anything into the program she talks about, I just made a new folder in my MDS punches section and dragged the new svg files into that folder.  The result is this:-) and the really cool thing is this will work with any solid stamp!  A whole new world just opened up to me:-)!!!






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Did you download Inkscape to do the conversion? Is there a charge for Inkscape? I am intrigued by your post and can see all kinds of possibilities. Thanks for sharing this info.
I did download Inkscape... it's free:-)!
Thanks so much for sharing!! My daughter is on her graduation trip in the British Virgin Islands and I want to make a photobook for her when she returns.  This technique will be wonderful for the title page.  I already copied BVI and converted them following the instructions from the link you provided -- it was so easy...it's amazing!
This is such a cool technique! I followed the directions and made a punch from the medallion background stamp. Here is a card I made with this punch.
Your medallion stamp is beautiful!!!!  It sure changes the look of the it :-)  I love the circle of pearls -what a great idea !!



This is fabulous! Definitely have to try it!
That is cool!!!!  Opens up a whole new world of possibilities......!

Thank you so much for sharing this.  I can't wait to try it.


Am I understanding correctly, you only used Inkscape - you didn't use SCAL (that was so she could use her cutter, correct?)? 


But now, you've enabled me.  I was thinking I didn't want to purchase the letter stamp sets.  Oh well!;o) 

I only used Inkscape and got it to work.  Did all of the alphabet last night.  :)  Once you get the hang of the steps, it goes fast!!!  Be sure to save them to your desktop and then drag them into the Punches folder - - not sure WHY, but when I tried to save directly to the Punches folder it locked the files and the wouldn't show up in MDS.
Which alphabet did you use?
Same as Tami - the Letters stamp set.


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