Ok, I'm about as un-computer-savvy as they come, but I follow directions well!  We just got back from a trip to St. John and I've always loved Leah's Nova Scotia page with the pictures in the title.  Problem is, I don't like to "piece together" the letters around the pictures like she did.  I wanted this look for a title page for my vacation album and was really excited about the new letter punches this week.  Then I started playing and realized I NEEDED capital and "fatter" letters.  Long story short, I did a google search to see if I could change a stamp (png file) into a punch (svg file)... and we can!  I used the Letters stamp set in MDS and copied a file of each letter I needed to my desktop.  Then I followed the awesome directions on this blog: http://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/convert-a-png-to-a...

At the end, instead of importing anything into the program she talks about, I just made a new folder in my MDS punches section and dragged the new svg files into that folder.  The result is this:-) and the really cool thing is this will work with any solid stamp!  A whole new world just opened up to me:-)!!!






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Trina, this is FABULOUS!!!  That's what I love about this place... some small spark starts a fire and the creativity starts flying!  Gotta figure out a way to incorporate this into my St. John album too;-).  I sometimes wonder if I should print off an MDS book of just templates.  I have so many samples tagged and favorited that I think it would be easier to have a paper copy that I could flip through.  Thanks for the inspiration!

shortly after this post was made, s.u. gave us big letter punches!  so if you don't want to go to all the extra effort - just search the mds pdf for alphabet and see all the kinds that have come out since!  i cased that italy page using the s.u. punches.

AMAZING!!!!!   I was soooo excited about the new punch alphabet last week.  Now I am thinking of ALLLLLL the stamps I want to convert.  This is the best idea EVERRRRRR!!!!  Thank you so much for sharing.

I converted all mine last night and was playing around but the edges of mine seem pixelated and yours seem so crisp. Any idea what I did wrong?  Thanks.


Tami!  You made my day!  Thank you so much for sharing this!
That's great! Do you know how to trim a stamp so you only have part of it?
there is a video on this website showing how to color, then export jpg, then use like a paper or photo in a punch.
I tried this with the Medallion stamp. I filled the 'Medallion punch" with DSP and added a drop-shadow. Pretty cool effect. I'm glad I came across this 'tip'. Thanks for sharing!
I too did it with the medallion stamp.  This is such a great tip!
But there is no easy way to say, use the owl punch, but make his body and feet different colors?

Here you go Lynn:

1 add owl punch and fill with an orange color.

2 copy and paste the owl and fill with a brown dsp with minimal design. I used Christmas Cocoa II pattern 8.

3 double click on this image and drag the dsp up until the feet are not filled.

4 drag the brown image over the orange one and align it so the orange body doesn't show. Voila....brown body and orange feet! The only problem with this is that I haven't figured out a way to group them since the 'handles' for the punches are right on top of each other. I have attached my sample.


You are my hero! Thank you!



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