Ok, I'm about as un-computer-savvy as they come, but I follow directions well!  We just got back from a trip to St. John and I've always loved Leah's Nova Scotia page with the pictures in the title.  Problem is, I don't like to "piece together" the letters around the pictures like she did.  I wanted this look for a title page for my vacation album and was really excited about the new letter punches this week.  Then I started playing and realized I NEEDED capital and "fatter" letters.  Long story short, I did a google search to see if I could change a stamp (png file) into a punch (svg file)... and we can!  I used the Letters stamp set in MDS and copied a file of each letter I needed to my desktop.  Then I followed the awesome directions on this blog: http://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/convert-a-png-to-a...

At the end, instead of importing anything into the program she talks about, I just made a new folder in my MDS punches section and dragged the new svg files into that folder.  The result is this:-) and the really cool thing is this will work with any solid stamp!  A whole new world just opened up to me:-)!!!






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Looks great!  I must give this a try.

I did this too! I actually wrote up some directions for it that I think make it a little more clear for exactly what I did. You can check it out on my site.


It doesn't seem to want to attach to this post so I will try again later.

Love, Love, Love this.  Going to try because guess what? we just went to St. John in June and I am currently working on a book for my daughters friend who came with us.  Love your page almost as much as I loved the island! Thanks for sharing.

I can't believe I actually did this - not to computer savvy. I followed Lynn Pratt's directions, so easy!! Thanks Lynn!!


This is really cool. I like how you have done the pictures in the letters. Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial.

Ok really frustrated can anyone help because I can't seem to get the letter to trace in inkscape.  When I click on path and then trace bitmap I only get a barely visible outline of the letter doesn't look at all like the instructions.  I have tried changing

the threshold on the brightness and edge lines but that doesn't work either anyone else have this problem and found a solution? Thanks

Hi Anne, After you do the 1st couple of steps, when you go to file then document properties, enter in your custom size then click the bar that says "resize page to drawing or selection" - this will fit your selection (A B C or whatever you are converting) into the box, then save as to your desk top. That worked for me, I did some A B C's so I used the sizes Lynn Pratt suggested - 148 x 158, don't forget to change to mm not px. Hopefully this will help.


I followed Lynn's instructions and used some tips that others shared and VOILA!  I have punches of the "Letters" set.  Thank you to everyone who has posted in this thread.  I am sooo excited to use this new idea in a page.

Thanks for sharing your art and the info to do it! You did an awsome job! Congratulations on a job well done and tanacity to find out how to do what you had pictured in your mind! Oh so many times I just get frustrated and go with what I have easy access to.

You go girl!

Thank you to all you amazing, talented MDS'ers who have shared in this thread!  I was a little bit confused exactly how to use the Inkscape program once I got it installed, but Lynn Pratt's detailed instructions were exactly the ticket to success!  Thank you!

Thanks for this great tip!



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