Ok, I'm about as un-computer-savvy as they come, but I follow directions well!  We just got back from a trip to St. John and I've always loved Leah's Nova Scotia page with the pictures in the title.  Problem is, I don't like to "piece together" the letters around the pictures like she did.  I wanted this look for a title page for my vacation album and was really excited about the new letter punches this week.  Then I started playing and realized I NEEDED capital and "fatter" letters.  Long story short, I did a google search to see if I could change a stamp (png file) into a punch (svg file)... and we can!  I used the Letters stamp set in MDS and copied a file of each letter I needed to my desktop.  Then I followed the awesome directions on this blog: http://thefrugalcrafter.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/convert-a-png-to-a...

At the end, instead of importing anything into the program she talks about, I just made a new folder in my MDS punches section and dragged the new svg files into that folder.  The result is this:-) and the really cool thing is this will work with any solid stamp!  A whole new world just opened up to me:-)!!!






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Awesome!  How do they think of these cool things?
This is such a cool technique!  I'm okay with all the basic MDS stuff, but haven't taken the time to learn (well, play with) any more detailed or advanced techniques.  I do have a question about this tutorial, though:  Is this something I can make work with the Silhouette software and hardware (which I already own) or would it be necessary for me to also purchase the SCAL software?  Thanks for your informative and very creative post, by the way!

I'm not sure:-).  I am only using this for designing within MDS, not for any "cutting" software.  Maybe someone who owns the Silhouette would be able to answer your question.  I would assume it would use these same kind of files (svg) as the Cricut which is what the original tutorial was for.  To use with MDS, you only need to download the free Inkscape software, convert the files and then move the converted files back into MDS.

I do believe you have to purchase the scal software too. You can download a demo to see how well it works. It's really cool. I just don't ever use my silhoutte anymore. I am a strictly MDS scrapper now.

 Oh yeah I also believe you can use it with cricut too. Imagine how much you can save!


the most recent versions of SCAL and MTC will not work with current Cricut machines due to lawsuits filed by Provocraft against these companies third party software.

Does anyone know if you print a photobook through SU, how much of the "bleed area" on the edges of the pages is actually cut off?
it totally varies from book to book - and even page to page!  I wish there was some way to tell... but there isn't!  just don't go near the bleed guide is all!
Brilliant Idea. I converted a number of stamps tonight. the splatter from extreme elements, some butterflies also  a couple of pennants from Celebrations. Lots of possibilities. Really cool.  Thanks for sharing.
Great tips!  Thanks for sharing!
This is a fabulous and easy tutorial to follow; thanks for sharing. I, too, have a Mac, but I'm having problems. When I open the image in MDS it's not there. Only the name of the image is showing in the preview box. Is anyone else having this problem? And if so, have you figured out what the fix is? I've tried it several times--I've closed and reopened MDS after importing, and it still doesn't work. Thanks so much.
I had the same problem until I located the file and put it on the desktop then dragged it into my newly named folder in the punches.  I was so happy!  It's taken me 3 hours to locate it and figure out what I was doing wrong!  Can you tell I' m computer illiterate?  I did it with the baby steps elephant and filled it with dsp!  How cool is that!!

I created a folder on my desktop to save the items to. I dragged them from the folder into the folder I created in my punches folder on MDS. I even tried saving it directly to the desktop thinking that the folder was messing it up. Still no go. I'll try dragging directly into punches instead of a folder within punches to see if that works!



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