Does anyone have a tutorial on how to make and use a watermark in MDS?  It looks like the only way we can add our blog URL to our projects and I simply can't figure out how to do this.  I don't have photoshop so would like to do it within MDS.  Techno challenged.

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I would love to know this as well. Hope someone can help.
If you are wanting to just add your url as your watermark, just put it in a text box, make the text white and lower the  opacity. You could even add one of the stamps beside the text, make it white also and lower the opacity. If you do all of your card fronts in the same project file, then it would just be a matter of copying and pasting to a new card when you create it. HTH

Hi- I have Picasa, which is very similar to Photoshop, but free. Just download it from Google. It will recognize & organize all your photos currently on pc & those added. After I create something in MDS, I create a jpeg file. When I open Picasa, my mds project will appear. Then, esp nice if I have a lot of projects I want to watermark, I 'export' my selected mds projects. When i hit export button, it will ask me to name the file - be sure to note where you save it to. In the same box, there is an option to add & create a watermark.


Just another option!

Thanks so much Beth.  This looks like really easy and helpful information.  Will try it out!

Hi Beth.

I use Picasa for my editing and have seen the watermark option.   I am wondering if you know.... is there a way to change the font and size of the watermark?  I've not found that option if it's there.  Thanks.

I'm disappointed I cannot customize the watermark on picasa. Anyone have tips on how to get my mds watermark design onto my photos?

For those of you who have an iPhone ( I have an iPhone 4 ) there's a really simple app that you can use to put watermarks on your photos !

The version I have on my phone is completely FREE. This watermark is easy to use etc. IF you go to my blog, you can see how nice the watermark is. There's a lot of different fonts / colors etc. to use. There is an upgraded version that costs just under $2 if you prefer.

( my blog )

To watermark my photos on my phone, I don't need any other programs.....other than this Plum Amazing watermark.

Hope this helps someone !


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