If you are getting an error about a corrupt image for any file in My Digital Studio here are some steps that you can follow.

  1. Close MDS.
  2. Right-click on your My Digital Studio shortcut, click on Properties, Compatability, and  check "Run this program as administrator"

3. Click OK

You can now open MDS and continue designing. You will no longer experience this error message.

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Thank you for this information! It needs a password though..what should I use?

Assuming that you are on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, follow the instructions below.

You will want to use the Administrator password that you, or someone else that uses your computer, will have set. If you are the only user and have never used a password before, it is possible that your password would be blank. If you aren't sure what that password is, you will need to ask the other person who uses the computer.

You can take a look at your User Accounts in your Control Panel for more information. Notice in the picture below that my account is set to be an Administrator.  If your account is not set as an Administrator, it will ask you to put in the Administrator password when trying to run any file as an Administrator, including My Digital Studio.

In order to make changes to the Administrator Account, you can choose "Manage another account." After selecting the Administrator account from the list that comes up, you can choose to "Remove your password" or "Change your Password" though it will ask you for the current password to do so. If when you select to "Manage another account" you don't see an account listed as the Administrator, go ahead and select "Change your account type" to make your account the Administrator, though, again, you need to know the password.

If you are unable to figure out what your password is, you may need to contact Microsoft or the vendor that sold you the computer for assistance.  Good luck!

Thank you for this information!  I've been going nuts for the past 24 hours deleting the cd content and reinstalling!

me too!   Then I came here and this post solved my problems in a matter of minutes~


I did the very same thing over the weekend and was so frustrated that nothing I tried was working!! Haha

Thank you, Tanner!

I love Stampin' Up! ...you guys always provide the things I need and the answers that I'm looking for!

going to go & try this fix NOW!

thanks for the fix--it opened without any errors.

Thanks so much for the info. Problem solved...
Oh thanks!  Glad mine didn't ask for a password.  I just realized tonite that one of the stamp sets had a corrupt file and this worked great!
Thanks Tanner.  The only problem I'm finding is that I have to use this trick each time I open a newly added download or disk element that has this problem.  One time doesn't solve it.  So I'm guessing I have to use my program in administrator mode each and every time to avoid this?

Depending on your User Account Control settings, you should be prompted to allow My Digital Studio to make changes each time you open the program, but you should not continue to receive the errors about corrupt images.  I would recommend that you right-click on your My Digital Studio shortcut, go to Properties, Compatability, and make sure that Run as Administrator is checked.  Let me know what you see there, and if checking the box doesn't fix the problem.


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