Has anybody used a Silhouette to cut images out of MDS? 


I just purchased a Silhouette digital cutter and wonder if it can be compatible with MDS???  It will cut any font that is on your computer, so I am assuming (BAD) that I can create phrases, etc in MDS and have it cut them??

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I was wondering the same thing.  I have had my eye on the silhouette for a while and if it would cut MDS images that would sell me on getting it.  How awesome would that be :)
I think it will...but not sure.  If you want to buy one, they have a really good deal on them right now - if you use the coupon code LMM you can get the cutter for $175 - which is pretty good compared to the $300 list price.  You do have to subscribe - it's $10/month, but you get $25 worth of downloads each month, and those will carry over each month.  You can find more details at http://littlemissmomma.blogspot.com  The deal was suppose to end yesterday, but due to server issues, they extended it thru the weekend.  I just couldn't pass it up.  There are so many things you can do with the Silhouette.  It will cut any font you have on your computer, so, I'm going to bet there is a way you can cut MDS things.

Yes, you can cut images from MDS with the new Silhouette software (could with the old as well).  Let me start by saying that I am not master of all things MDS or all things Silhouette, but I was determined to be able to cut images from MDS.  Here's the way I do it:


Create image in MDS -- most often I have just made a sheet full of images I want to print/ cut.

Save and export project to a JPEG ("Share Project" menu -- export to JPEG)

Open Silhouette Studio.

File -- open -- browse to find JPEG you just created (you'll need to change "files of type" pull-down menu to include all files.)

Open that file. 

Now the tricky part is adjusting the size.  It seems that these images always come in way bigger than they really should be.  Maybe one day I'll be good enough at this to give good advice here, but for now you'll have to play with it.  The good news is that the new Silhouette software gives measurements right on the image, so it's better than it used to be.  :)

Open the Trace Window (icon is in the row of icons on the top right of the screen)

In that window, first choose "Select Trace Area."  Then you can draw a rectangle around your image.  Then, in the next set of choices, I usually choose "Trace Outer Edge."  This will create your cut line.  Do this for each image you have on the page. 

From there, you choose whether to proceed with a "Print and Cut" or just a "Cut." 

One tip I've learned -- you can do this same process for punches, but before exporting from MDS, give the punch a color or fill with paper.  I just did black.  Then I removed that image altogether and left only the cut line, since I truly wanted to use it as a "punch" on the paper I was sending through the cutter. 

Also, some images will need more doctoring on the lines than others.  Sorry, but that's another thing I'm not good at yet.  I just need time to spend in the Silhouette software -- and that probably won't happen until this summer.  (I'm a teacher.  I love summer!)


I just wanted you to know that it is certainly possible.  Hope this helps some.  :)



OMG!!!!  Thanks for this - I'm going to try it out for sure!!!
I have a Silhouette and as of a few weeks ago they don't have this feature available in the new software. If you jump through some hoops you can use the old CraftRobo software, but I haven't been very pleased with the results. Some images do better than others. They did say that they are working on this feature and hope to have a software upgrade soon. I love my machine and use it mostly to cut vinyl. Only drawback is that it is limited to a width of 8". You can cut longer widths if you use vinyl, but the carrier sheet is only about 11" long, so if you are cutting paper or card stock you are limited to the size of the carrier sheet. Still, I love the fact that I can design words and phrases with TrueType fonts and I don't have to purchase anything special.
Can you get a longer carrier sheet for cutting 12 inches?  I think I'm okay with the 8" width.  I just ordered mine, so should get the updated software.  And I too like the idea of being able to cut TrueType fonts.  I read on Kristina Werner's blog where she reviewed the Silhouette and the Cricut and she was much more impressed with how the Silhouette cut fonts - it didn't distort the font the way the Cricut will.  I can't wait for mine to show up!  I will probably use mine to cut multiple circles at a time - bigger than waht our punches are - lots of tags, and vinyl.  Does the SU vinyl work in there?  I would assume that it would have to be trimmed to the 8" width first tho.
I can do this with my circuit and a third party software, Make the Cut. It has the capabilities of "print and cut"; the shadow around the image can be none to up to 1/4 inch so it has the effect of a sticker. You can also cut then stamp the image, so you have a perfect mat.

I was looking on the MTC website, and I'm pretty sure it works with the Silhoutte; but not positive. The ladies on the forum are wonderful people, I'm sure you can ask and get the answers you're needing, if you're interested in something like MTC.
I just got my silhouette and from what I have done so far I have been able to use most of the MDS stamps in the silhouette SD.  You use the trace mode and then it will cut out the part that was traced.  I am still playing with all of the features but so far I am very excited that I can use mds downloads :)

Both Make the Cut (MTC) (windows) and Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) (Mac/Windows) will both work with Silhouette Studio Software. 

Silhouette Studio Designer Software allows more options with .SVG files

With MDS 2 you can now export files as .SVG to use in other digital cutting machines! (See the tutorial in the videos section of this website)

However, the most recent versions of SCAL and MTC will not work with current Cricut machines due to Provocraft filing a lawsuit against these third party companies.

Hugs and Blessings



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