I want to start some Christmas gifts, calendars specifically.  Is there a template somewhere or a download that we can get that has a 2012 calendar template?  If not does anyone know if one will be released and when that would be?


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Hey Ruth - I was glad to find the options you were talking about for the 2012 dates (and beyond).  Thanks for the tip.  However when I add the dates / month to a 8 1/2 x 11 page they look really lousy.  Even before you expand them to fit the page, but really bad when you expand the size.  Plus they don't size well for that format either... It doesn't take up the whole page -side to side.  Also when I select the box for "lines" it only gives me a few, not a full grid.  I'm attaching a jpg of what it looks like.  I have a hard time believing that SU! would give us such lousy graphics to send to a professional printer, so perhaps I'm not using it correctly.  Though it seems like I've followed your directions.  Any suggestions - other than telling me I'm hopeless.  LOL.  I'm usually semi decent with the computer...but this has me stumped.


I noticed this same discussion on another thread and you can read the comments here:


Be sure to read down a few responses - starting with the third or fourch comment.


Also, check out this video by Cindy Schuster - I think it shows the same thing you are experiencing and after Cindy changes the line width, you can see them on the screen.


Sure hope this helps

Marti - Thank you so much.  That was very helpful.

I would check out the thread mentioned by Marti. 

I'll also say that sometimes with larger images or images with fine lines, when you're zoomed out it looks like the lines aren't there but they will be there when printed.  So in terms of your calendar where it looks like lines are missing, it only looks that way.  If you zoom in or even do a practice print on your home printer you'll find the lines all print properly.  I've done about 6 calendars for Christmas gifts, experianced the same thing but didn't have a problem when it was printed. 

As for expanding the calendars, I haven't found a way to fix this, I too find that the calendars when stretched one way and not the other really distort the calendar.  Fortuntly the calendars that I've made have all worked out that I didn't need to change the size too drastically.  But I would check out the thread below and see if that offers any other tips.  If you're still stumped I'd call SU. 

Ruth - thanks for your input!

Is there any way to update a Designer Calendar (the Notable Desktop Calendar Kit, for example) for 2012?  It would be a bummer if we could only use the template one year.  Thanks for your help!

I am also wondering this!

I just completed my calendar and realized I used the 2011 template instead of the 2012, is there any way to change the template and save all the work?


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