I want to start some Christmas gifts, calendars specifically.  Is there a template somewhere or a download that we can get that has a 2012 calendar template?  If not does anyone know if one will be released and when that would be?


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There is currently one 2012 calendar download that includes a complete template for the 10" x 5" size -- the 2012 Fresh Flowers Calendar Template. In addition to the template, the download includes 48 embellishments and a 42-piece stamp brush set, making the calendar boxes, days of the week, and months completely customizable.


There will also be free calendar options released October 3.

Thanks so much.  I knew about the 10x5 calendar but was hoping for some for the larger calendars.  I'll wait until October 3rd.  Thanks!
Where did you read about the release on Oct. 3? I must have missed that.
YAY Andrea!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much for bringing us the free calendar option! I could seriously hug you for it!!!!

I just did the October 3rd update and no 2012 calendar.....:( I really want to get working on these since last year I was late in doing them and they didn't arrive in time for Christmas. Anyone heard when the update will come??

Lisa, take a look at the design center in the latest update. There is an entire section dedicated to calendars. With this dynamic calendar functionality, you can quickly change the font and size up or down as the calendar is vector-based -- meaning the image will remain crisp no matter what size you want it.


We will be doing a blog post on Friday for those who want even more details. That being said, I think you'll find it's very straightforward to use.


Hope that helps!

maybe I'm blind, but I did the update, selected calendars, went to each of the sizes designer templates and they are still 2010 or 2011, there is one "basic grid" one in the 12x12, is this the 2012 calendar?


The update isn't on the calendar template.  Open a calendar and click 'design your own' or choose a designer one.  When your blank calendar opens up, the update will be on the right side in your design center, where you find your stamp sets, punches, paper, etc.  There should be a calendar option where you can choose the month and the year to add to your calendar.  It's awesome!!!  I can't wait to get started. 

I hope that helps!

Oh my word you're right it is awesome!!! Thank you SU! And thank you Ruth for pointing me in the right direction!
I am new to using MDS.  I am also trying to create a 2012 calendar but can't figure it out.  I click on choose a designer and then the templates listed are 2010 and 2011.  Do I have to choose one of them to get started?  Then do I add the 2012 dates from the design center and just delete the others?  Sorry to sound so ignorant.

Hi Stacey,

The new calendar updates isn't in a designer template.  To use the calendar open a project (any project, a calendar scrapbook, etc).  When your project has opened on the right hand side of your screen you have options for punches, stamps, cardstock, photos, etc.  Your calendar option will be there. 

Hope that helps. 

That's what I think I did.  I open the program and choose a project.  I chose calendar.  And then I have to chose create my own or designer (or something like that).  Or do I have to have something created first?  I'm stuck from the very beginning.


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